About The Practice

Internationally renowned posture and pain relief specialist proficient in treating sacroiliac joint dysfunction, neuromuscular activation and inhibition, deep tissue massage, and mobility assessment is here to help you!

“Luka is the consummate professional who answers my questions, he is knowledgeable and thorough, makes you feel relaxed and explains the process and approach on each part of the massage therapy. I can only recommend him highly.”
Tina Coy

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Luka Samarzija

Luka is a member of the Irish Massage Therapists Association and you can be sure that he has the expertise necessary to help you with your neck, shoulder and back pain, injury rehab, lymph drainage, posture, and other physical issues. After being in the business for over 15 years, Luka has decided to set up a massage therapy clinic in the beautiful city of Cork. There, he is performing Orthopaedic Sports Therapy, Spinal Manipulation, Dry Needling and Postural Assessments.

Passionate about improving the health of his clients, Luka also offers free posture and pain assessment accompanied by advice on how to improve the quality of life and prevent regression!

“Through Luka’s various treatments like osteopathy at the spine, trigger pain point release, cupping and neuronal muscular function tests, he adjusted my pelvis in the right position and released the stress from my piriformis muscle. Further, he showed me exercises I can do on my own to prevent further issues. ”
Marco Kurzdorfer

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“When it comes to providing effective treatments for those who are suffering from sports injuries and body pains. This massage therapist and trainer for my injuries was available seven days a week to offer health care options including massages, corrective exercises and training that comes along with it and other kinesiotherapy-related services. He is very professional and unique as your own health needs. Credibility and authenticity rarely seen in this profession. Because of nature of my profession I’ve been through a lot of massage therapist and I can say for sure Luka is the best choice.”
Mario Draksler

Owner/President/Personal Trainer, Carpe Ferrum & JJK Buen Vista

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14 Manor Court, Glanmire, Co. Cork